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Living in 3/4 Turtle Time
06.02.16 -- Life is hectic in the 21st century. Seems like there’s no downtime anymore. There’s always something to do, somewhere to be, stress driving us on and on and on. Money’s tight, sleep evasive, time ticking away faster and faster and faster…until I take a deep breath, grab Spotz the lizard, Baba the bird, a glass of homebrew ale and head outside to the turtle pen. It’s a
Spotz and Stella
Spotz and Stella
homemade wooden enclosure abutting a raised garden. I put Spotz in there with Stella, a Florida box turtle, and sit on a folding chair with Baba on my shoulder. As he dances around muttering incoherent sun conure talk, I sip my beer and fall into a state of bliss. It’s serene back here, shaded by a towering old seagrape tree. The wind chimes my wife hung nearby sing in the light breeze, which also carries the chirps of wild birds. I take another sip of beer, offer some to Baba, who dips his beak in it then shakes his head, spraying me with a few fine drops. Little anole lizards skitter about, periodically pausing to inflate their red necks. Looking for love, I hear. A mockingbird perches on a low-hung phone line, squawking at us for being too near her nest. Two cardinals, a bright red male and his drab mate, chase each other around the sky before landing on a branch of the mango tree. Nearby, a wee
Gary and Baba
Baba and me
woodpecker stands on the trunk of a coconut palm, tip-tapping away. A gray squirrel climbs atop one of the four-by-four posts where we sometimes hang hammocks on a lazy weekend afternoon. He sits there munching something, his bushy tail swept over his back and resting atop his head like a bad toupee. I take another sip of beer. No matter how slowly I try to drink it, it disappears too fast. I’m so relaxed. A pair of Monarch butterflies flitter about the milkweed. My mind wanders around the block, ideas blossoming like wildflowers. Soon, I’ll have to leave my little sanctuary and head back to the pressure cooker of modern life. Or maybe not. I drain the last of my brew and fetch another to share with Baba, and Mother Nature.
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