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    10.01.15 - Even though I was recently laid off, Mondays are still a bummer. In part, it’s because I don’t eat, an Isagenix  nutritional cleansing regimen I’ve been doing for years. I credit it for allowing me to drink substantial quantities of homebrew beer and not gain weight. On the downside, Monday’s suck. Eating is more than just a physical pleasure. It’s an emotional and social one as well. Take all that away, and you can understand why things can get dark and gloomy. On Monday, I was plagued by doubt about the business I’m trying to get off the ground. I lost focus, started tasks and never finished them, and wound up looking at everyone else’s wonderful life on Facebook.

Blank screen
Nothing to write about
I finally gave up trying to accomplish anything business-related and decided to just write, which usually clears my mind. But although words rarely fail me, ideas sometimes do. I felt totally bankrupt of creative energy and spent an unproductive day and evening before going to sleep early.
    Tuesday was different. Even before the first morsel of food passed my lips, the darkness clouding my consciousness had lifted. An empty belly awakens instincts and sharpens the senses. Tempered by Monday’s deprivations, I felt stronger with a renewed lust for life. My starving body cells sopped up the nutrients in my morning IsaLean protein shake, fueling an energy boost to both my body and brain. The ideas started flowing again, my path to success once again illuminated…at least until next Monday.
    The lesson here: If you’re having a bad day, smile because you know tomorrow will be better.
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