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10.08.15 -- Nothing comes to mind, which may be good for meditation but not for writing. But if I just keep going, I know I’ll find something interesting. Hmmm. Not much in this corner of my brain. I’ve been wandering around the future lately, trying to shift from a longtime regular job that recently ended to building my home-based Isagenix business, or maybe jumpstarting my freelance writing career, or trying to market the books and stories I’ve already written, or hitting a few art fairs to sell my Cosmic Landscapes space art...see what I mean? It’s pretty scary over here, stumbling around in the dark, not knowing which way to go. But I do see a warm glow emanating from the archive section of my mind. I mosey into the present for a sip of coffee then follow the light. It leads me through a tangled forest of forgotten memories,
Buddy and me
Buddy and me
where nebulous images appear in the periphery of my vision but dissolve as soon as I try to focus in on them. I push on into a clearing, the source of the warm glow. My late dad Buddy is there, sitting behind the wheel of our 1961 Ford Country Squire station wagon. “Let’s get lost!” he says. It was one of his favorite pastimes, just driving around aimlessly until you find something great, like a swimming hole with a rope swing, or an antique car show, or a dirt road through a thick forest, or a country carnival with rides. I hop into the car. “Happy-go-lucky,” my dad says as we drive off into an unknown that seems a lot less frightening than it did just a couple hundred words ago.

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