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    09.25.15 - So, I got this email today from an investment group called The Oxford Club, proclaiming that the first person who will to live to be 1,000 years old has already been born (hint: it's not a vampire). They say you can not only live to be as old as Methusula but also help fund your 935-year retirement by following their tip to invest in an unnamed biotech company sooner than later. It's all possible due to a remarkable new drug, currently in trials, which reverses the deterioration of DNA, a natural aging process that causes deadly ailments such as cancer, heart disease and bad driving. I’m not sure how I got on The Oxford Club's email list in the first place, but I did listen to its seemingly endless pitch to buy their Communique newsletter ($49) to get the name of the biotech company that’s poised to REALLY put Social Security in a hole. Of course, with Google in the universe, it didn’t take $49 to find out that the company developing the wonder drug is called
Eternal youth in a test tube?
Alaylam  and trades on the NYSE as ALNY at $90.57 a share. I don’t know. Maybe if the stock were $10, I’d give it a shot -- but not at its current price. Besides, the track record of miracle cures hasn’t exactly been sterling through the ages
. Someday, maybe soon, there will be an easy way to keep healthy no matter how much you stuff your face and sit on your butt. But I’d put my money on developing good habits, mainly by eating right and getting a bit of exercise. You may not live to be 1,000, but who wants to anyway? 

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