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Day of Futures Past

Words and photos by Gary Greenberg

Ren Fest faces

There are always plenty of colorful characters at the Florida Renaissance Festival,

but Time Travelers’ Weekend added another dimension…


Elrick runs the apothecary, a medieval pharmacy. “No matter what ails you, we have the cure – all courtesy of Mother Nature,” he says, raising a chalice to our health.

Ty Billings

When it started raining during Celtic Mayhem’s set, the concert shifted into the Good Knight Pub, where Ty Billings hopped up on a table to belt out a song.

Baby Gaga

Jest kidding! Baby Gaga kept the crowd of passersby laughing.


An ash-streaked wench gets carried away with the chivalry of this dashing dude.


Internet explorer. A time traveling lady stops for a little screen time.


Lord of the Fest. Middle Earth’s wise wizard Gandalf enchanted onlookers,
who captured his image with their magic boxes.

Little Princess

With war paint applied and wooden sword held high,
 a precious little princess is set to swing into action.

Black Knight

Power point. A fearsome black knight takes aim at a photographer, but still gets shot.

Washing Well Wwenches

The Washing Well Wenches ham it up while on the prowl.
They’re said to be “known for more than their stunning good looks.”

Bloody knight

This bold knight beat out three others to win the jousting contest.
Looks like he needs a flagon of strong ale – or a stiff knight-cap.

Pickle eater

In a pickle. At least, that’s where this time traveling Steampunk sank her teeth.


Big Hunk O’ Love. The King may have left the house, but he was back in action at the Ren Fest.

Pub Sing

Pub Sing. The musicians end the day with a rousing rendition of
Here’s a Health to the Company, where they urge everyone to 
“drink and be merry...because we may or might never all meet here again.”

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