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Been There, Done That
by Lucian-Dragos Bogdan

     The knight carefully climbed the stone slabs of the castle. Somewhere over there was the dungeon of the dragon…
     He felt so lonely! But soon he would reach the princess…
     “Huh, it ain’t easy fighting all day long!”
    First he killed the guards, then he took the magic potion and got rid of the blue
ghost. He went to see the old witch living somewhere in the basement, between rats and bats.
    “Here comes the tough part…”
     He took out his sword and entered the next room.
    “Just as I suspected...”
    The three-headed dragon crouched on the floor spitting fire.
    Two steps forward, strike, one step back to the right, another strike, and one head rolled to the ground. The dragon shouted in anger and charged again.
    Another head… The curtain of terror left the red eyes of the last head,
encouraging the brave knight. The dragon rushed, trying to crush him, but the knight fled. He randomly ran through some empty rooms before reaching a golden door.
    “I’ve never seen this before.”
    He opened the door and...

    The kid screamed when the knight in shining armor burst out of the computer and rolled into the room.
    “Good Lord, I’ve already used the name of QZB before and nothing wrong
    The knight stood up, facing the character he’d led all the time he played that game. The boy got scared and ran away.
    He was out of the house in no time rushing down the street.
    The Hommells… “I’ve never seen that there are two doors,” he thought. “One
must lead to the basement. It may have been covered by bushes in the summertime!”
    The boy opened the door.

    The hominid jumped up when the boy hero of the game came rolling into his room.
    “What’s that? I’ve already used the name of God while playing this game!”
    The boy raised his head making the hominid scream and run to a door where...
    “Hey, what’s going on here?!
    Been there, done that…

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