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Between Two Worlds
by Lucian-Dragos Bogdan 

    The sun was descending tired at the back of the hills. The brook gently whispered in the purple light spread around the apricot trees by the evening breeze.
    In the fading light Ian was digging the dried land in the vine – his gray hair stuck to his sweating forehead. He would only have that piece of land for that day; after all there’s always a tomorrow.
    Behind him stood the old house to which he was bound by lifetime memories. His lady definitely had the dinner ready and was now quietly crocheting, waiting for his return. He would have come smiling, sat at the table and start to eat while she would tell stories with their neighbor in front of the house. He would  listen to her, mumbling something from time to time, then he would light his pipe and sit on the rolling chair in front of the chimney.
    He stood up 
    His heart was broke in two by a lightning. The world started to spin faster and
faster in a hell of a dance. Trees-vine-flowers-house-brook-trees-vine-flowers…

*    *    *

    He was flying to the skies like a feather. He was not afraid.
    He looked down: a crouched body with gray hair stood beneath a broken tail
    He was flying higher and higher till the sky turned blue and then black.
    He slowly touched the stone ground with his feet. He looked around: it was an
endless tunnel with a strange phosphoric shade – or was it just his imagination? – in the dark
    He was surprised but didn’t get scared.
    He started walking, barely touching the ground, and had the feeling of a
motionless time. It was like the seconds refused to pass away there, lazy staying – in a gigantic hourglass perhaps? – in the dark. His thoughts flied away while he walked – looking for the second’s sand in the hourglass? the source of that phosphoric shade? the end of the tunnel? – and there were only few remaining to live with him when he arrived at a darker than hell abyss. 
    He stopped.
    The light was turning brighter more and more each moment. When he located the source it seemed like a gigantic sphere on the other side of the abyss. He could vaguely discern delusive headless humanoid forms in it.
    - Welcome…, he heard a voice springing from each cell of what was left of him.
    That voice gave him a confidence of passing the abyss in a gentle flow without
any fear of falling. He took a step forward.
    - Who are you?
    He wasn’t speaking he just made the air vibrate. The light sparkled. 
    - Come… Here you will find the answer to any question…
    Ian slipped forward; then something inside him – what was it considering the fact that nothing composed him anymore? one of the thoughts still hanging over his mind? – tried to focus. He sank a bit into the abyss – or was it just his effort of pulling himself together? – but it all went off suddenly. He wasn’t something individual with specific feelings; what was all around lived through him and he was living for all those things around him.
    Behind the light there was a shiver and the bliss got him once more in its arms.
He slipped some more, than stopped.
    - Are you God?
    - I am what I am …
    Ian tried to gather inside him the abyss. Far away, deep down there, Something
lived. Something not to be understood. It was a strange feeling of something very familiar and yet out of any meaning – or was he confused only because he couldn’t pull himself together?
    - Is it the Hell in this abyss?
    - There lives what it lives, too …
    Half way crossing the abyss he was trying more and more to focus on some
thoughts and that made him – obviously this time – to descend beyond the other shore. The sphere of light stood kind of hunchbacked in front and over him, in an impossible perspective – if his physics knowledge were right.
    His physics knowledge…
    The idea of comparing that thing with the common reality seemed a nonsense
there but it was on hid mind. He grabbed the idea. Almost immediately in front of his so called eyes appeared his lady shouting teary questions into the void. “What am I going to do without you, Ian?”
    “How am I going to live without you. Ian?”
    “Why should I live without you, Ian?”
    He was Ian.
    He could hardly notice the light like a coronation of a tall and abrupt shore.
    The peace didn’t leave him even though he betrayed it by his thoughts. He was
gathering around his thoughts as his lady did with a ball of wool. With all his struggling he could feel the light he only remembered now was still there, protecting him and patiently waiting.
    That fall into the abyss made his incoming ideas to become less abstractive.
    - You are dead… You had a heart attack… There is nothing to be done so that
you can get your old body…
    - If you are really God you can make miracles… I ask you – no, I beg you – make my heart whole again and let me return to my lady!
    He was falling deeper and deeper into who-knows-what.
    - My powers are nameless… My doings cannot be justified by your belief… They
are as simple as you could not imagine and yet more complicated than you could ever understand …
    - What do you mean?
    - There is an unbreakable flow… You cannot be what you used to called Ian again
    The ball of thoughts was strong enough to do hard judging – the usual way his
tough life taught him to.
    - What will happen to me then? I don’t want to come by your side; not yet… I only want to be with my lady. Will you send me into the fires of Hell for that?
    - Don’t name what you not know …
    Those were the last words he could hear. The link stopped suddenly – so
suddenly that for a moment he was filled with an enormous void, but his thoughts took care of him and filled it – and he knew the light wasn’t there anymore. It had left him, no explanation, not saying what was up for him.
    Was it to fall into the fires of Hell? The words with many meaning couldn’t give him an answer for what was down there.
    Was it worthy of meeting his lady again?
    What was that flowing?

* * *

    Before him stood his lady. She was silently crying – her back turned to him – over a grave with a simple wood cross emerging form the bed of flowers. 
   The divine power made him whole again… His wish was granted. He wasn’t sure
if it was for that light or was it only his will that made that possible.
    What was it then the thing he meant? He remembered reading somewhere that
in the case of clinical death the brain gets no more oxygen and that can cause the
hallucination of a light ending tunnel. Some specialist said that visions were possible in such moments.
    He was still feeling like flowing but he didn’t pay attention to that; he was so happy to meat his lady one more time.
    He approached in a nameless waltz – just like he did on their wedding day, a long time ago – blinded by happiness.
    His lady…
    Preparing the dinner and than quietly crocheting while waiting for him …
    He arriving with a smile and sitting at the table, starting to eat …
    His lady telling him the stories with the neighbor in front of the house …
    He listening and lazilyweaving his head, mumbling from time to time like he was
paying attention…
    He lightening his pipe and sitting on the rolling chair in front of the chimney…
    His lady…
    His lady…
    His lady was getting bigger in front of his love-speaking eyes…
    She was getting bigger …
    She was closer each moment …
    - God damn you, stupid flies, can’t you leave me alone?
    Everything turned dark.

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