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Slow Universe
Ovidiu Bufnila

When the drops of the night sizzled on famous Magicoon's forehead, NASA recorded the first speed slowing and China was covered by a vapor, the Russians lost their submarines into a virtual bag and Magicoon the Magician declared for the first time the principle of One who multiplied Himself bewildering the secret services and taking by surprise the philosophers of the Weimar school, the president of Nepal saw his lizard growing long and turning into a magic circle and Hoba Buba, the jazz singer from the United Nations succeeded the longest octave in the music tales history, the ozone layer turned into a stargate and Barishnikoff, the first physicist in Russia, made peace with Elvin, the first physicist in America, the Gian Mora hurricane stood still in a sculptural formation stolen by the Corsican brigands, Europe broke in two following an eschatological script made up by the Jesuits, princess Margaret got lost i! nside a silver cloud and important members of the Tin Party found themselves arrested in a Salvadorian painting , the twilight from Malta ran in a great speed towards Borneo burning the forests of tropical, Magicoon proclaimed the Principle of the Saturation while the German physicists published the Exophysical Bulla from the Seventh Passing of the Bantuliasan comet, the whole planet started a rapid process of slowing down and the artillerists' chorus from Kursk also stood still in a minor scale, we're losing speed, the Japanese emperor would have whispered calling his secret samurai, slowly, slowly, the words spread out, the language lost its color, the statues crashed, the oceans evaporated, the satellite on duty crashed too, the first Sound of the Universe was heard from all the corners of the energetic patterns and the magnetic fields coiled up in a ball. And then the Voice of Politics was heard.

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