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Taria Kou^^
star light majesty                              feel the ghosts of the stars
sought once long ago                            pulsing in the sky
star light mystery                              see the majesty of time
in search we go                                 swiftly speeding by.
see the sky turn black at night                 cosmic gases swirl and stew
and wish                                        in the fading light of your
and dream                                       power to the stars of night
forever yearning for the light                      on golden wings we fly
that lives in all the galaxies--                        don't die
cosmic                                      caught up in the ecstasy
wishing for you                                 of the starry night for you
for me
the light of all the stars...                       nebula love don't take
seeking the hope,                                   once again
seeking the dreams,                         and leave me alone in this sea
exploring your subconscious                     of stars it isnt my destiny
forever wish                                        to live alone anymore
forever dream                                   you see......
forever seek the light of distant stars

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