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Castaway balloons to 490 lbs.
Man stranded on ‘desserted’ island
By Ted Mange
International correspondent

Simon Whipple
Simon Whipple
    BORA BORA -- Many a castaway has been marooned on a deserted island -- but one British man spent 18 months on a desserted South Pacific isle teeming with all kinds of sweets.
    “It was an incredible place,” says Simon Whipple, who was on a solo round-the-world voyage when his 37-foot sailboat sank in high seas in March 2008. “But if I spent another day there, I surely would have burst!”

Candy apple tree
Candy apple tree
    Whipple, 27, was a lean 5-foot-10, 180-pound rugby player from Manchester before being stranded on a fantastical uncharted island in French Polynesia filled with the most incredible assortmentof delectible desserts. 
    “Cheesecake grew out of the ground like mushrooms, and there were licorice vines, candy apple trees, rock
Desserted isle
Pixe Stix beach
candy cliffs, palm trees with giant gumballs, a Pixie Stix powder beach, chocolate milk lagoon and chocolate rabbits all over the place,” saysWhipple. “In fact, there was chocolate everywhere. I ate so much of it I actually started crapping Tootsie Rolls.”
    Whipple eventually piled on more than 300 pounds.

    “Everything was so tasty, and there was nothing else to do but eat,” he recalls. “At one point I built a little shack out of Pez bricks and taffy, but I wound up eating that, too.”

    With his weight pushing 500 pounds, the corpulent castaway finally decided to do something about it. He built a raft out of Lifesavers and rode the currents into a shipping lane. After three days, his bulk showed up on the radar of a passing freighter and the crew hauled him aboard with a cargo winch.
Chocolate milk lagoon
Chocolate milk lagoon

Despite the ordeal, Whipple says he’s happy to be alive and anxious to get back into decent shape. But he’s dreading one aspect of civilization.
    “All those sweets and I didn’t have a toothbrush,” he moans. “I’m definitely not looking forward to my next visit to the dentist!”
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