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White House exorcism -- 12.20.20

trump nobel
Trump wins Nobel Booby Prize -- 10.11.19

Trump contract with Devil
Trump inks deal with Devil -- 05.24.18

Robert Mueller subpoenas three witches -- 12.28.17

Cow abuse sparks MooToo campaign -- 11.28.17

Trump and Mad Hatter
Trump picks Mad Hatter to lead White House News Network - 02.09.17

Mad Hatter
Mad Hatter throws hat into presidential ring -- 02.01.12
Plus: Washington Insider

Nadya Suleman and Casey Anthony
Octomom hires Casey to be nanny -- 08.01.11
Plus: LeBron blamed for debt crisis

Mt. Olympus
Greece puts Mt. Olympus on the block -- 07.01.11
Plus: Dollar's slide tied to illegal drug

Jolly Green Giant
Green Giant trashes Monsanto -- 04.15.11

Plus: Liz and Dick wed again - in heaven

Middle East unrest raises the dead -- 03.01.11

Nancy Pelosi
Rhetoric heats up over zodiac -- 01.15.11

mudslinging mud
Mudslinging dries up Everglades -- 11.01.10

Bedbug stimulus boosts job growth -- 10.01.10

saint joan
Cosmic Chronicle 2nd Anniversary extravaganza -- 06.01.10

Lawyers in Noew Orleans
Gulf Coast overrun by attorneys -- 05.15.10

Iceland's prime minister
Iceland declares war on Switzerland -- 05.01.10

Plus: Mad Hatter joins Tea Party

Health care will cause 'destruction' -- 04.15.10

Plus: Trump tells pope: 'Your'e fired!'

Toyota virus
New vaccine may cure Toyota's ills -- 03.15.10

Plus: Cartoons win one in War on Terror

Sexy woman astronaut
'Womanned' NASA missions to take flight -- 03.01.10

Plus: Docs remove Dick Cheney's heart

Obama snowblowing
Obama declares War on Weather

Plus: Wolfman gave me worms, claims starlet

Joan of Arc
Catholic saints boost New Orleans -- 02.01.10

Plus: New iPhone app dials up the dead

Pat Robertson
Devil disputes Robertson on Haiti -- 01.15.10
Plus: George W. Bush turning invisible

Barnum with stres bra
Engineer taps power of stress -- 01.01.10

Plus: Christian group protests Big Bang

Tiger Woods' alien lover
Tiger's love life is out of this world -- 12.15.09

Plus: Obama wins top galactic award

Computer virus
Salesman catches computer virus -- 12.01.09

Plus: Ghostbuster lost in space

Super' vaccine wins FDA approval -- 11.15.09
Plus: Ghostbusters head to space station

rodney ghost
Space station haunted -- 11.01.09

Plus: Octomom trolls for more kids

Moon attack
Moon bombed in War on Terror -- 10.15.09

Plus: Monster Roundup

Rude flu virus
'Rude' flu spreading fast -- 10.01.09

Plus: Space alien speaks at U.N.

Gable and Harlow's ghosts
Jacko crypt neighbors up in arms -- 09.15.09

Plus: Octomom wants Jon & Kate's 8

Swine flu vaccine
Flu vaccine prevents socialized medicine -- 09.01.09

Plus: Man stranded on 'desserted' isle

Frankenstein new Monsanto spokesman -- 08.15.09

Plus: Obama is no 'natural born' citizen

Swine flu
Jews immune to swine flu -- 08.01.09

Plus: Tinseltown Tattlers on Paris and Jen

GOP accuses Cupid of meddling -- 07.15.09

Plus: Michael Jackson updates

Michael Jackson
Alien entity killed Jacko -- 07.01.09

Plus: White House bugged by spy fly

E.T. missing again -- 06.15.09

Plus: Space shorts

Rachel Alexandra
Rachel Alexandra is no filly -- 06.01.09

Plus: Cosmic Chronicle named best newcomer in galaxy

Doc Oct and Octomom
Octomom finds perfect match -- 05.15.09

Plus: Obama wows aliens with speech

obama and alien ship
Obama picked as planet leader -- 05.01.09

Plus: aHarmony, for aliens

The Devil's facebook photo
The Devil puts profile on Facebook -- 04.15.09
Plus: Alien beauty sues Miss Universe pageant

Bush & Men in Black
Bush chose Men in Black to fight terror -- 04.01.09
Plus: Space station plagued by Gremlins

Octo-Mom Madya Suleman
Octomom is the new Virgin Mary -- 03.15.09
Plus: Rush Limbaugh has pig DNA

Obama thinking cap
Super smart prez wears thinking cap -- 03.01.09
Plus: Satellite crash a 'drunken' prank

Android Sully
Hero pilot exposed as android -- 02.15.09
Plus: FDA approves drug with no side effects

Mr. Spock
Spock picked to head NASA -- 02.01.09
Plus: Terrorist geese attack plane

Imprisoned model
Saudi ova-selling plot -- 01.15.09
Plus: Where Are They Now with Uncle Martin

Barack Obama Sr.
Alien charges leveled at Obama -- 01.01.09
Plus: Somali pirate update

Pirates with spaceship
Somali pirates hijack spaceship -- 12.15.08

Space agency 'brews' up a winner -- 12.01.08
Plus: Brangelina adopt alien triplets

Phoenix Lander
Phoenix Mars Lander found dead -- 11.15.08
Plus: Cheney's House of Horrors

Obama gets constellation -- 11.01.08
Plus: Krystal Ball, our new spiritual correspondent

Sarah Palin
Palin's Big(foot) Adventure -- 10.15.08
Plus: Monster Roundup

Bush claims moon
Bush claims moon -- 10.01.08
Plus: Commentary from Mr. E

Scientology transport
Scientologists abandon Earth -- 09.15.08
PPlus:  Celebrity advice with Charles Manson

Bizzaro world
Bizarros honor Fox News -- 09.01.08
pPlus: David Bowie comes out as an alien

Sheriff Joe
 Sheriff Joe vaporized -- 08.15.08
Plus: Housing crunch hits space station

Dodge Caravan
 Dodge Caravan to replace shuttle -- 08.01.08
PPlus: Virgo the Virgin caught in threesome

Merck's Gardisal

 Merck & Co. wins Nebula Award -- 07.15.08
Plus: Beloved boxer Rocky killed in ring

Lightsaber on Mars
 Lightsaber found on Mars -- 07.01.08
Plus: Pluto walkout averted

 Osama abducted -- 06.15.08
Plus: Cartoons join fight against terror

bush baby
 Aliens clone Bush -- 06.01.08
Plus: Plumber blasts off to fix ISS toilet

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