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News you won't find anywhere else Vol 2, Issue 20 -- 10.15.2009
Happy Halloween!
Bush administration leftover
Moon bombed in War on Terror
By Shlomo Garcia
National correspondent

, D.C. -- The secret reason why the United States bombed the moon during a recent NASA mission was to destroy Saddam Hussein’s long missing weapons of mass destruction!
NASA probe
Suicide probe impacts moon

    That’s the explosive revelation unveiled by former Central Intelligence Agency director George Tenet, who’s ripping the lid off the suicide bombing of  a remote crater on the moon’s south pole
by a NASA probe.
    “After we couldn’t find Saddam
s weapons in Iraq, we started looking elsewhere and the trail led straight to the moon,” explains Tenet. “Then we got slam-dunk photo evidence from Ahmet Chalabi.
So we set the plans in motion to blow up the WMDs before al-Qaida or any other terrorists could get their hands on them.”
    Even though Iraqi dissident Chalabi had  blatantly lied about the existence of the WMDs to begin with and helped spark the misguided Iraq War, the $79 million mission was approved by President Bush. And it was overlooked by President Obama, who was too preoccupied dealing with the war in Afghanistan, health care, the economy and his personal TV appearances to notice.

Saddam's WMDs on moon
Saddam's WMDs on the moon
    “Chalabis 'evidence' was amateurishly photoshopped, but it’s just one of those things that slipped under the radar until it was too late,” admits Obama’s chief of staff Rahm Emanuel. “To tell the truth, at $79 million it was one of the least costly screw- ups of the Bush administration.”
    Tenet refused to detail how Hussein, the late Iraqi leader, supposedly transported the weapons to the moon in secret, citing national security concerns.

     “If I revealed that, Iran, North Korea and the rest of the evildoers could do the same thing,” he tells the Cosmic Cafe from his padded room in the psychiatric wing of famed Bellevue Hospital in New York.
    Caught flat-footed, Obama
s people launched a bold public relations campaign to deflect the fallout from such an inane undertaking. They christened it the Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite mission [LCROSS] and claimed it was really designed to uncover water on the moon.
George Tenet
Former CIA boss George Tenet
    But Tenet scoffs at the idea.
“Water on the moon?” he says. “Sure. Next thing you know, they’re going to go looking for green cheese, ha-ha, ho-ho, tee-hee, green cheese...and while theyre at it, they can look for the birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees.
They’re coming to take me away, ha-ha, ho-ho, tee-hee...”
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Monster Roundup
By Kay Daver
Seasonal correspondent
Breaking news
Addams Family divorce nightmare
Gomez and Morticia Addams
Happier times: Gomez and Morticia before the split
    CEMETERY LANE – In a shocking blow to family value proponents, Gomez Addams has filed for divorce from Morticia after catching his raven-haired wife cheating with one of the household servants.
    “Morticia had a fling with Thing,” charges Gomez, referring to the disembodied hand that served the family. “It’s pretty bad. The kids are falling apart, Uncle Fester is getting lit and even Cousin Itt calls it a hairy situation.”

Thing T. Thing
Homewrecker: Thing
Gomez says he first suspected something was amiss when he overheard Morticia speaking French to Thing.
    “She knows what that can do to a man -- or even a part of a man,” says the devastated industrialist.
    According to court papers, Morticia is seeking custody of the couple’s two children, Pugsley and Wednesday, claiming Gomez “would provide too stable of an environment for them to develop abnormally.”

    Morticia was reportedly traveling in Transylvania with her new paramour and unavailable for comment.

    But the family butler, Lurch, told the Cosmic Chronicle: “Uuuuhhhhh!”

Rehab update
Mummy comes unwrapped -- again

– The Mummy suffered a devastating relapse and went straight back into rehab for adhesive tape addiction after assaulting the trainer of the Luxor Ibises, a semi-professional soccer team.
The Mummy
Tragic relapse: The Mummy

    “I warned him to stay away from athletic events due to the massive amounts of adhesive tape around,” says Dr. Mustaba Fixortu, director of  Pharaoh's Rehabilitation Clinic in Luxor. “One whiff of it is enough to drive him berserk.”
    As the Cosmic Chronicle reported in its Oct. 15, 2008 issue, the Mummy got hooked on adhesive tape because it reinforced his constantly unraveling linen and made him feel more powerful. But he overdosed on the stuff and nearly died – again.

    “We thought he’d beaten his demons,” says his own distraught mummy Queen Isnofret. “And he loves soccer. So we let him out to go to a game.”

    But the Mummy lost it completely as soon as he saw the Ibises’ trainer taping up a player’s ankle on the sideline. The ancient ghoul went on a rampage, causing a gigantic sandstorm, scattering the spectators and forcing the trainer to tape his ankles – and more!

    “I wound up using up about 20 rolls,” says the plucky trainer, Mohammad Falee. “After I taped him from head to toe, he couldn’t move -- and he still wanted more.

    “To tell the truth, it was pretty pathetic.”

Jack O’Lantern meets grisly end
    SLEEPY HOLLOW, N.Y. – Halloween legend Jack O’Lantern tragically died when he was accidentally baked in a pumpkin pie by the widow Doris Dulaney.
    “I feel really bad about it,” says 86-year-old Mrs. Dulaney, who is deaf and legally blind. “I thought it was a regular pumpkin and I guess I just couldn’t hear his bloodcurdling screams as I sliced him up and beat him to a juicy pulp.”
Jack O'Lantern
Jack O'Lantern

    O’Lantern, whose given name was Stingy Jack, was a shrewd farmer who tricked the Devil back in olden times and saved several souls. Enraged at being fooled, the Devil turned Jack’s head into a pumpkin and jabbed an eternally burning hunk of hellfire into it.

    But, sadly, Mrs. Dulaney baked the snaggled-toothed icon for 60 minutes at 350 degrees, bringing a sad end to one of the most recognizable symbols of Halloween.

    O’Lantern leaves behind some seeds, and his horrific death has spooked the whole Halloween community.

    “I’ll really miss old Jack,” says his cousin, the Headless Horseman. “He was a great guy -- always had a smile on his face.”

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