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Third time’s the charm’
Liz weds Dick again – in Heaven
By Krystal Ball
Spiritual correspondent
SEVENTH HEAVEN – Elizabeth Taylor professed eternal love for Richard Burton before she died – and she proved it by marrying him for a third time in the afterlife!
    “I always said we were soulmates,” gushes Taylor. “Now, we’ve proved it!”
     The happy couple walked the aisle to a choir of angels led by Michael Jackson in the Kingdom of Heaven’s Paradise Chapel – and they were joined in holy matrimony by God, played by Charlton Heston.
Liz & Dick
Liz and Dick's wedding in heaven
     “He actually looks the part more than I do,” admits the Almighty One.
     Taylor and Burton’s souls took their earthly forms in their prime, donning the garb they wore while shooting Cleopatra, the epic 1963 film where they met.
     “It was quite an affair,” says the late Tinseltown gossip columnist Hedda Hopper. “But I doubt it will last for eternity.
     “You should have seen the glances Liz was casting at her hubby No. 3, Mike Todd. And No. 4, Eddie Fisher, was sniffing around her like a hound dog on a possom's trail.”
     Taylor and Burton rekindled their stormy relationship when he greeted her at the Pearly Gates bearing a bottle of whiskey and sack of precious gems.
      “At that point, they started acting like they were flesh and blood again,” huffs St. Peter, Keeper of the Keys to Heaven. “It got so hot you could have sworn they’d both been sent to the Other Place!”
     Before Taylor’s March 23, 2011 death, Burton was reportedly linked to the original Cleopatra who, like the violet-eyed actress, bedded several powerful men during her earthly existence.
      Notes Hopper: “Obviously, Dick has a thing for gals who have been around the block.”
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