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Feel free to e-mail the Cafe with anything you
feel like sharing with the rest of the universe.

Between Two Worlds
A touching tale of timeless love,
with a twist, by Lucian-Dragos Bogdan

Been There, Done That
A Romanian tale of knights, dragons,computer
games and God by Lucian-Dragos Bogdan

Sonnet to Mike Pinder
Who the heck is Mike Pinder, anyway?

 Slow Universe
Incredible, edible prose from
Romanian wordmaster Ovidiu Bufnila

Taria Kou^^
A cosmic poem or two from
a kind and gentle soul (we think)

 Cosmic Limerick
A raunchy space ditty
by the infamous Dr. Ricardo

 Pee Wee Picasso
Art by Glen

Reading Room
Outer Space Art Gallery


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