Cosmic Landscaping For Dummies is a professionally-produced video demonstrating all you need to know to make spray paint space art.
Cosmic Landscaping For Dummies

Now Available in VHS & DVD!

It's all you need to know to make your own
incredible, fantastic spray paint space paintings.

For an amazing demo of the whole process,
click on the spaceship below.

This 20-minute professionally-produced VHS video
or DVD shows you the supplies you'll need...

Gives you a step-by-step demonstration of how it's done

And there's a bonus section on special techniques
such as pyramids, comets, starbursts and more...

 It's all anyone, even a dummy, needs to have to start making his or her
own genuine, one-of-a-kind, stupendous, tremendous cosmic landscapes!

The price is just $15 for the video, $20 for the DVD
plus $5 shipping & handling domestically
(within the continental U.S.), and $10 anywhere else (on Earth).
Shipping to other planets is available for a substantial surcharge.
To order a copy (or copies) in either NTSC or PAL format,
please send a check or money order in U.S. funds payable to:
Super Writer, Inc.
398 Pine Circle
Boca Raton, FL 33432
We also accept PayPal payments to
Don't forget to include your address!
Satisfied customers say:

'Just thought I would let you know how much
I'm enjoying the tape. This has got to be one of
the best how-to videos I have ever seen.
Hats off to you and congratulations on a fine job!'
R.B., Amarillo, Texas

'Got my video...I love it! Can't wait to get down and dirty.
Thank you for sharing your knowledge.
P.S. Cute kid. Tell him that the spaceman
from Down Under says he's a star!'
Milan, Somewhere in Australia

'Your video is excellent and really cleared up
some techniques for us. Thanks for giving us the
info to reach a whole new level in our
favorite (ok, second favorite) activity.'
B.R., German Valley, Illinois

'I just received the video and it is GREAT.
Excellent job and professionally made.
I want to thank you and if you ever come out
with any other art related videos, please let me know.'
R.N., Indianapolis, Indiana

'I LOVE IT!!! You make it seem so easy.
My husband thought it was one of my best purchases yet.'
G.O., Houston, Texas

'We all loved the video. Very easy to follow, very informative.
One of the best how-to videos I've seen. Congratulations!'
R.G., Elkins Park, Pennsylvania
(DISCLOSURE: This one's my brother)

'It was very interesting and useful to watch. Thank you!
I'm off to purchase some cans now. I need to go food shopping anyway.'
T.K., Andover, England
Update: T.K. now has his own space art website.
To see it, clickhere

'Thank you so much for putting the tape out.
You made it so much easier for me to start making
some wicked pictures without months of painstaking research.
It's so much fun -- I get lost in it for hours!'
J.P., Winnepeg, Canada

'I just received the tape this morning. It is amazing work!
It's helped my techniques greatly.'
P.M., Tampa, Florida

.'I had seen this done a few years ago and I had tried it but
could not get some of the techniques.
This tape is great. Thanks so much.'
R.M., Tehachapi, California

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