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Cosmic Debris
Fallout from a slightly warped mind

by Gary Greenberg

Those Amazing Asteroid Addicts
Watch out for falling space rocks!
A look back at a classic video game.

What's In a Name?
How come our solar system has such a generic name?
Don't ask the PhDs and beyond at the International Astronomical Union.

Of Apes and Men
The Human Genome Project promises to turn out some pretty perfect humans, or at least some darn good chimpanzees.

Anti-matter, Cosmic Rays and Drunken Fruit flies
Discover the "cheapdate" gene before the end of the universe.

Life on Mars?
How Scooby-Doo and Yogi the Bear beat man to the Red Planet.

 Why Gravity?
If Isaac Newton was right, how do you explain Don King's hair?

 Cosmic Car Lot
Don't want to die? Maybe we can interest you in a trade-in.

Sales Ova-ture
Why spend a fortune on super-model ova?
We offer ova with beauty and brains for a fraction of the price.

Lost and Found at the Philly Folk Fest
Looking to find childhood friends in
the faces of balding, midriff-bulging middle-agers.

A Dog's Life
Banyan the Barbarian beats death
in a Passover miracle

 The Great Crawfish Massacre
Nora the Hun's birthday crawfish boil is fun for everyone,
except the crawfish.

Labors of Love
Why no man can stand the pain of childbirth,
even that of his website.


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